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Customer Service

Customer Service

Our promise to you: All of our cookies and chocolates are made using the finest ingredients to ensure that they are of the highest quality. If at any time you find our products do not meet this standard, simply return the unused portion and we will gladly replace it.

One of our own: Most of us remember our first day of kindergarten or college life. You probably also remember the extra care your parent(s) took to ensure you made it safely to your classroom or dorm. We treat your order with the same protective mindset, as it leaves home and heads out into the world. (We knew this time would come.) We do everything possible to get one of our own prepared for a new adventure, from packing with thoughtful consideration to keeping mindful of weather conditions at its destination (see Shipping Info). We want to ensure your order arrives safely, so it can quickly settle in and start making some new friends.


1-800-935-5510 (U.S. & Canada)
1-808-935-8890 (Outside the U.S.)

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