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Mika Passion Chocolate Passion Brownies

There’s no denying it, we do declare that we have a love for liliko‘i (passion fruit), in the form of our Mika Passion Chocolates and Chocolate Covered Passion Fruit Brownies. But it goes back farther than that: Liliko‘i has long been a part of our lives in Hawaii: Some grew up eating the fruit itself; some may remember enjoying a glass of the juice flavor before school. 

For those who have visited Hawaii, that unmistakable tropical taste is forever linked to that unforgettable vacation. And now, this flavor paired with chocolate is sure to create another memorable experience.

These goodies are a delicious way to revisit days (or a vacation) gone by, or try them all for the first time, then declare—and share—your love for Passion Fruit Brownies and Mika Passion Chocolates.