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With Spring comes more chances for you to relax in your backyard a little longer in the late afternoon perhaps, or to extend a stroll through your neighborhood well into the evening. Here are some confections that capture how extra delicious that extra hour of evening daylight can be:

More Golden Glow: Our Lemon Shortbreads and Lemon Brownies provide a sunny sensation.

More Refreshing Moments: Take some time to plan the next tropical vacation while partaking of our Pineapple Shortbread, Mika Passion Chocolates or Pineapple Manju.

Get Set for Sunset: Welcome dusk with Butter Sugar Rusk: slices of a (double) baked baguette, bathed in butter and sprinkled with sugar—a decadent way to end the day.

Here’s to a Spring enjoying quality time—and sharing quality treats—with family and friends.